Life Through a Paintbrush. LLC
La vie  à travers un pinceau

"Where language art meets visual art "

Learning French While Creating 

Let's cut, let's draw, let's glue, let's paint, lets' talk, let's learn, "let's French"

Welcome to "Life Through a Paintbrush" - an immersion experience where you learn French while using your creative mind!

We will promote creativity and imagination in a a safe, fun and respectful environment while being inspired by artists around the world and encourage our students to think outside of the box. We will let their inspirations take over while we learn French and build ttheir self-esteem in speaking a foreign language and pushing theirr confidence boundary.  ​​

During each class a famous art piece will be studied and students will create a drawing / art piece based on what we learned. 

4 to 10 years old 

All supplies all included in the rate. 

Our location: 3222 NE 103rd Street, Seattle WA
Phone number: 206-849-3864
Email address: breizh1013@gmail.com

LIFE THROUGH A PAINTBRUSH. LLC is a home-based business and is conveniently located in the Meadowbrook neighborhood in Seattle. 


How to Enroll

1) Send us a message or call us at 206-849-3864 to let us know which class you are interested in and verify space availability.
-  Download and complete the enrollment form below

2) Fill out the attached form below 

3) Pay via credit card (visa/ MC)check or cash.

50 % of payment must be provided at the time of enrollment .   10% discount for siblings. 

Enrollment Form